Fitness Model - Alexis Ray Thompson

Alexis Ray Thompson is the (believe it or not) mother of three boys and she's also (believe it or not) 45 years old!
Alexis overcame a severe car wreck and brought herself up to the level that she is today.
This 5' 5", 120 pound redhead from Cincinnati, Ohio should set an example that you can do anything if you commit your mind and body.
Had kids...check
Over 40...check
Severe accident...check
And look at her now!
The above picture is good, but go to her Model Mayhem page and take a look at the photos if you really want to see just how cut and ripped this lady is.
Hint: The pool table picture is almost as close to perfection as you are gonna see.

Contest History:
Miss Cincinnati 1999

posted to, Sept 14th, 2009